Winery Vergenoegd Loew Stellenbosch

vergenoegdt 536 vergenoegdt 192 MG 4098

Vergenoegd was established as one of the first wine estates in the Cape in 1696. The unique wines express the rare combination of environmental factors, a modern winemaking process and approach as well as the centuries-old expertise.

Distinctively, Vergenoegd enjoys a cooler climate moderated by maritime breezes from the south-west. The gentle result is slow-ripening berries with an optimal balance of acidity and sugar.

With timeless wisdom, Vergenoegd’s forebears planted the vineyards next to the Eerste River. Every winter its flooding waters deliver fertile deposits to nourish our soils and naturally enhance our wines.

Vergenoegd’s Runner Ducks are known far beyond the borders of South Africa meanwhile: Every morning a team of over 1.100 ducks heads for the vineyards to eat snails and pests, making the need for pesticides redundant.

The role of nature in the sustainability of wine production have always been respected at Vergenoegd. The Cabernet Sauvignon made its name on the National Red Wine Show five times as Champion and four times as Grand Champion wine. This success has continued through the years. Vergenoegd wine still being awarded excellent star ratings in the John Platter South African Wine Guide amongst others.