Industrial Sites

LIVIA acquires and operates industrial properties in select metropolitan markets throughout Europe. We believe industrial real estate is a large, stable and diversified asset class, and target functional properties in in-fill industrial locations that can be acquired at a discount to market value. LIVIA’s experienced Real Estate Team utilizes a disciplined investment approach in selectively identifying opportunities that achieve outstanding risk-adjusted returns on a long-term horizon.

Industrial is typically more stable overall in the long term due to the overall length in leases. Industrial leases are generally signed in the 3-5 year lease range, with 10 year leases not out of the question. In comparison to other types of commercial real estate such as office, hotel and multi-family, there is less turnover which equates to a decrease in potential lost revenue. LIVIA aspires to optimize its risk-return profile with respect to real estate investments through a high focus on industrial properties.

Among others, the portfolio contains an industrial site including all production facilities in Roverè della Luna in Northern Italy in close proximity to major European logistics routes. Total area amounts to 21,000 sqm with 12,000 sqm covered area, mainly consisting of production, logistics and office space. Construction of the newly build factory was only finalised in 2007.